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Epifny Consulting brand 'Win That Pitch' Launches Professional Pitch Guide For Agencies

Epifny Consulting and our new brand 'Win That Pitch' are pleased to announce the launch of 'How To Win: The Ultimate Professional Pitch Guide' written and collated by our CEO and founder, Dean Russell.

Dean Russell, author of How To Win announced, "This is the first professional guide for agencies that is crammed full of checklists, tips, practical guidance and lessons from real-world experience pitching at global agencies.

I have seen so many agencies, big and small, waste thousands of pounds (or dollars) in team time reinventing the wheel every time they pitch. Not only is it a waste of valuable time (and money), but more often than not, agencies that don't have a clear process lose pitches that they should have won, often costing them hundreds of thousands in fees. Not only that, but there are techniques that big agencies use to win, that many smaller agencies could learn from to create a more level playing field. This professional guide aims to do just that.

That's why I wanted to create something that becomes an easy to read, to-the-point, go-to guide for agency pitch teams everywhere. I have pooled years of my experience, and learnings from some of the best pitchers in the industry into this book, so I am confident that agencies that following the recommendations, using the checklists and applying the learnings in the book will increase their chance of winning every time they pitch."

With over 100 pages of pitch winning tips, the guide takes you and your team through every stage of the pitch process including: How to decipher the brief Writing a winning proposal Getting to Pitch Perfect Post pitch tips.

The guide includes 12 essential checklists to make sure you, and your pitch team, don't miss a single opportunity to be your best and Win That Pitch. To find out more or to buy your copy at the 50% early bird discount visit the Win That Pitch website by clicking here.

What the industry is saying about the author Dean Russell and "How To Win: The Ultimate Agency Pitch Guide"...


I have seen guides, training courses, lectures and presentations on how to win pitches but never anything quite so practical and user-friendly. Trust Dean Russell to come up with the non-nonsense, definitive guide which surely has to become the best friend to senior agency staff everywhere. Go win!"


“Dean Russell is a winner as he is able to dissect a brief to quickly get to the genesis of the client’s needs. He injects process, empathy, passion, strategy and creativity into pitches with a successful track record that speaks for itself.”


“Dean is one of the smartest minds I have worked with in the marketing business. He has that rare knack for zeroing in on the pivotal challenge in any scenario and has been able to develop unique ideas to address these, always keeping in mind the relevant business realities. Most importantly, perhaps, Dean brings a positive mentality that is just as focused on execution and deliverables. Working with him is always fun."


If you would like to find out how we can help you Win That Pitch - then visit, give us a call on 0800 0293739 or email

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