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Why Millennials Will Change The Way You Lead Forever

How Millennials In The Workplace Will Change How You Lead Your Business

There has been a lot of talk recently about 'Snowflakes' – and not the kind that fall from the sky, either. The corporate world has rippled with the term since a reputable business owner dismissed the usefulness of his millennial employees. The problem is that if we are to continue using such terms we are going to alienate an entire generation – the generation that stands to inherit what we leave them... and if we want our empires to continue to thrive after we are gone then we are going to need to alter our language and stop ignoring them when it comes to interviews.

Point: we are living in a digital era. The modern world is becoming progressively online, interactive and multi-media based. We are going through a digital transformation even as we speak, and the tech we are using is already far advanced of what the nineties kids grew up using.

What this means, for the most part, the only people who have a chance of keeping ahead of the curve in technology are millennials... that's right; those people you have been referring to as 'Snowflakes' have near complete control of that Digital Community of consumers that you have been trying to break into. Those millennials are your backstage pass to promoting your business online in the most authentic way – because they are the masters of social media... so before you write them off, consider whether or not you need people who can understand the latest technology at a glance, who can easily negotiate most online platforms and who can use the internet to find almost anything you are looking for – or whether they truly are useless?

Like it or not, the younger generation are going to be teaching us all about how to operate the newest systems, how to figure out the latest algorithms, and, occasionally, explaining to us what an algorithm actually is. So perhaps before we dismiss them as lazy and hopeless, we should befriend them and steal their knowledge exactly like we are corporate vampires.

Obviously training is the key element here. Digital Transformation is going to be difficult – probably more difficult the more established the company. Those who aspire to cling to traditional marketing systems over an outdated sense of values are swiftly going to find themselves tossed to the ground and trampled by their competitors – who are probably using a whole shower of snowflakes to man their new high tech machines.

So before you go writing off the younger generation, remember that there is a high possibility they are the future engineers, programmers, social media gurus and leaders of the future. Don't be one of the out of touch professionals who have discarded a whole generation based on the often unfair press they get...they literally are the future, so help them see that they have a future with you.


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