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5 Tips For Building A Cloud-Based Team That Will Change Your Life

epifny consulting - Ultimate Guide To Building A Team In The Cloud

Whether you like it or not, the modern era is experiencing a surge in all things digital. Transformation is on the horizon or, in many cases, is already here. The digitisation process involves getting to grips with all sorts of new technology – and you need people who can understand it. The challenge is finding the right skills and knowledge for your business in an increasingly competitive market.

This is where the Cloud comes into play; the place where you can source and build a new team outside of traditional structures. Where the dissolution of the office as an employee centric location is already underway. Your new software specialist might well be based in Hong Kong, Dubai or the US. Through the Cloud you have the choice of scattering your entire digital transformation specialisation team across the globe – but how do you go about assembling such a team?

The obvious answer is that you insert yourself into these marketplaces and you head hunt. Places like online Freelance hiring service Fiverr have inbuilt functions that allow you to recruit members and add them to your team. As administrator you then have the power over who stays and who goes. The best advice we can give for finding such people is to hire an array of people you like to perform a few small tasks, and then retain the ones that do well. Graphic design sites like Canva have similar structures, allowing you to work in much the same way.

When it comes to creating teams online everyone is doing it, and Microsoft have put out an interesting article all about getting the best from using their team services. The Cloud, however, have been doing it for years now. Once you have used all of these other websites to find your perfect team, you ensure that they all have Cloud access and you secure them as your own by giving them clearly defined roles and a solid team structure. You should focus on team building in the same way as a manual company might – and this is where most unsuccessful Cloud operating teams go wrong. Just because your team is Digital and might never meet doesn't mean they should have no interaction with one another. The best teams creatively bounce off one another, and you need to encourage a mutually beneficial environment. Here are a few tips for tools you can use for collaborating in the Cloud without the need for any particular technical expertise:

1. Find The Right Team: Sites like Fiverr, People Per Hour and many more have freelancers with a range of skills that can help your business deliver ad-hoc projects or longer term support.

2. Getting Your Marketing On Track: There are some great marketing tools available for graphic design, video and animation. Check out sites like Canva, Google Charts and Infogram provide easy to use tools that can be used for anything from infographics to live data charts.

3. Collaborating In The Cloud: Tools like WhatsApp are incredibly popular for group discussions, but they aren't so great for managing projects. So check out tools like Slack and Hive to help your teams manage workflow, share documents and check-in on deadlines wherever they are in the world.

4. Getting Your Accounts Ready: Accountancy tools like Xero and Quickbooks provide Cloud based finance management all from the browser, meaning you can invoice, check payments and your business' financial health from anywhere you can get an internet connection.

5. Managing Your Customer Relationships: There are an increasing number of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools available in the Cloud including Capsule CRM and Hubspot. The beauty of most of these tools is they integrate automatically with other systems like Xero so you, and your team, don't need to duplicate efforts updating the same customer information repeatedly.

In addition to the above, there are a mass of tools from Google Docs, Microsoft 360 and much more. All of these are available via the browser, meaning you and your Cloud team can work anytime, anywhere.

When it comes to collaborating, the online world opens you up to any number of possibilities. Once you are online your team can access whatever you are doing and work on it remotely, and each member has the ability to contribute whenever they can. As team admin you are able to monitor every team mate, what their position is and how much work they are getting through. Be wary that, when not face to face, it can be almost too easy to chop and change a team. It is better to encourage the the team you have than to instantly replace them and have to work on building your teams confidence all over again.

Other than that, we wish you every success with your Cloud team expeditions, with our help, we hope you go one to assemble the perfect group!


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