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Epifny Consulting Launches CREATE® - The Hassle Free Approach To Creating Your Digital Transformatio

We are pleased to announce a brand new offering for leaders across business, charity and local government. CREATE® is the world’s first rapid, agile consultancy model, specifically designed to help leaders achieve success when developing their digital transformation strategy. The bespoke CREATE® model is crafted to help leaders implement change without the headaches often association with digital transformation projects.

During the launch of CREATE®, Dean Russell, founder at epifny consulting and the driving force behind the model shared, "After many years working with leaders across a range of sectors, I often hear concerns that they struggle to keep up with the pace of change.

So many people in leadership roles know they need to embrace digital, but are unsure where to start, and are quietly fearful of making the wrong decision. We designed CREATE® to address these concerns and simplify the process so that leaders can focus on what they do best and deliver value for their organisation."

CREATE® is designed for the practical reality of leaders who know they need to transform their organisation to take advantage of the digital era but need a bit of support to make the right decisions. At the heart of CREATE® is a human-first approach which means leaders aren't expected to know the minutia of the technology and can focus on what results they want to achieve. This people-centric approach also means concerns by staff around change can be addressed by making them part of the process and helping them adapt to change too.

The CREATE® methodology is designed to help leaders achieve growth, without the associated growing pains often linked to digital programmes. This is accomplished through a simple step-by-step approach, which is agile and straightforward enough for the delivery of small projects to test the feasibility of digital change in the organisation, yet scalable enough to help leaders implement full-scale transformation across the business.

CREATE® is based upon over 12 months research into the fundamental activities needed to lead digital transformation within organisations, big and small, successfully. Our analysis included working with leaders from across academia, local government and business to understand the real challenges that face modern leaders.

We have already begun to work with a significant local government client using CREATE® to help them transform their approach to customer services and in-house working processes. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you lead your organisation to success in the digital era, why not book a free consultation call here, call us on 0800 0293739 or email us at We would love to hear from you.

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