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Dean Russell Presents Keynote At Tech Frontiers Conference

Dean Russell, founder of Epifny Consulting, was invited to deliver the keynote speech at the Parliament Street 'Tech Frontiers' Conference in London.

Parliament Street, one of the UK’s most influential think tanks, hosted its Tech Frontiers annual conference in Westminster on Saturday September 9th with a host of guest speakers from some of the tech industry’s biggest brands including BT, Thales and IBM and will attract entrepreneurs, tech professionals and industry experts.

Dean Russell's keynote speech explored the importance of leadership when implementing digital transformation. Dean's talk delved into his philosophy for leadership in the modern age and how to lead a modern business successfully.

Dean shared the core concepts of the epifny consulting CREATE® model for digital transformation strategy which combines exemplary customer experience with an efficient back-office to deliver business value. He also explored the challenges and opportunities facing modern business, politics and government in the modern digital economy; ranging from a shortage of skills to the potentially unexpected consequences of GDPR.

Dean commented "It was an honour to deliver the keynote for the event, which had an incredible line of speakers from across the technology industry. The discussions and debates which took place also highlighted the range of challenges facing modern leaders, from technology shifts through to managing millennials in the workplace. These are all topics we help our clients with at epifny consulting, and I am pleased to reassure leaders who are concerned about the challenges of modern leadership, that there is light at the end of the tunnel with the right support and coaching."

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