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Local School Holds Authors Day For Epifny Consulting Founder, Dean Russell

Dean Russell reading his children's books at St Mary and St Margarets Church Of England School

Epifny Consulting founder, Dean Russell, was invited to take part in an authors day event at St. Mary & St. Margaret's Primary School reading his children's books to pupils in his home town.

Dean spent the day reading his published children's books, which include Mouse and the Moon Made of Cheese, and Is Daddy Home Yet, to children ranging from reception to Year Six.

In addition to being a storyteller for the day, Dean also met with Year Five and Year Six children to answer questions on his experiences as an author, businessman and politician. Each child had been asked to perform research and ask at least one question to Dean on a range of topics.

Dean commented "It was a real delight and honour to visit the school and get the opportunity to read my books to the children.

I was really pleased to take part in the Q&A with the older schoolchildren too. Their questions were really well research and surprisingly covered a whole range of topics including my political and professional career, my former research as a physicist, all the way through to in-depth questions on articles I had written about topics such as Artificial Intelligence. I was genuinely impressed!

Reading my stories to classes full of energetic children also reminded me of the importance of storytelling in leadership too. I often think when it comes to storytelling in business, that executives are a bit like children. Their attention span is short and they can be impatient to find out what is going to happen next. So keeping stories visual, to-the-point and having a clear start, middle and an end is essential to keep everyone engaged. However, I'm not so sure rhyming would go down quite so well in the boardroom!

Thanks again to St Mary and St Margaret's School for hosting me for the day and for making it such a wonderful experience."

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