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Dean Russell Essay On Artificial Intelligence Featured In New Political Book 'True Blue'

Dean Russell Essay on Artificial Intelligence In True Blue

An essay by Epifny Consulting founder, Dean Russell, has been featured in a new political book. The publication 'True Blue' by Think Tank Parliament Street brings together essays from UK Conservative Party activists on key areas of policy that matter now - including grammar schools, housing, mental health, Brexit and technology.

Dean's essay 'Me, Myself & AI' explores the rapid rise of technology and why for the first time in human history, we face an uncertain future. The essay explores the role of artificial intelligence in society and the moral, political and legal dilemmas that need to be taken into consideration as the technology becomes more prevalent in society.

Dean Russell commented "Artificial Intelligence is just one of many modern challenges facing modern leaders. The rise in technology doesn't bring technical challenges, it raises many more human questions about it's role in society and in the workplace. The decisions leaders make today will likely have a profound impact on business and society for many years to come, so it is important these discussions take place now, to ensure we proactively decide what future we want to create before it is too late."

An edited version of the article is available to read on the Parliament Street website here: http://parliamentstreet.org/blog/2017/me-myself-and-ai/