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Leadership Lessons From the National Film Awards

Epifny consulting CEO and founder, Dean Russell, was invited as a VIP to the National Film Awards this week. The Awards celebrate the best in the British movies industry and was attended by a host of celebrities and luminaries from across television, music and film.

The National Film Awards is an annual awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of established and independent film makers , actors , actresses, casting directors , production companies and crew who make up the motion picture industry. The National Film Awards holds four events annually in the United Kingdom, USA, South America, Africa and Australia. This year's winners included, Best International Film - Kingsman - The Secret Service, and Global Contribution to Motion Picture - Samuel L Jackson.

Dean Russell commented "It was a real honour to be asked to attend this year's event. The British Film industry contributes heavily to creative economy in the UK and has an important leadership role on the world stage too. It was inspiring to be in attendance to celebrate the diversity and creativity of the industry with so many pioneers from the entertainment world. Well done to all of the nominees and winners on the night."

Dean added "There is a lot that leaders from across all sectors can learn from the entertainment industry. Along with the obvious role storytelling and creativity plays, there is also a perpetual mode of constant renewal, experimentation and innovation in everything the music, TV and film industry does - always whilst keeping a sharp focus on the needs and wants of their audience(s). These are all areas I work with my clients to embrace when honing their leadership skills in the modern era."

Photo from the National Film Awards - Dean Russell
Photo from the National Film Awards - Dean Russell

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