Dean Russell Speaks At Political Party Conference

 Epifny Consulting CEO and founder was recently asked to speak at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester 2017 on the challenges around community and social injustices.


Dean spoke about his experiences as a former Parliamentary Candidate in his speech 'Go Knock On The Doors' where he talks about the need to tackle the injustice of loneliness in modern society. His speech focussed on the need to reach out to the vulnerable in society and connect with those around us.


Below is a video of Dean Russell's speech shown live on BBC.




The full speech script for 'Go Knock On The Doors' is also shared in full below:


**** Go Knock On The Doors ****


I would like to start my speech with a request. Can I ask you all to be silent for a moment please…


[Silent pause for fifteen seconds]


That silence was just fifteen seconds. But imagine if that silence had lasted an hour, a week or even a month?


Imagine you had no one to talk to and no one to listen to you?


Loneliness is a great injustice of our time; 


for young and old alike. And it’s getting worse


Like never before, technology is fragmenting society and politics is more divisive than ever


Isolating conversation and dividing communities


Social media means people are swapping being 


lonely in a crowd 


to being lonely in the cloud


Society is losing out. Imagine how many life lessons go untold 


and how many ideas lost because there is no one there to hear them?


It doesn’t have to be this way


I am a Conservative because I believe in society working together, in community and opportunity


That together we are stronger and that whatever background you come from, 


you should be able to be the best version of you


Not to be alone


Not to be silenced 


Not to be lonely


Politics doesn’t have to be just about the big ideas


Sometimes we can effect change through a daily commitment to our Conservative values.


So let’s not just knock on doors during the election time period for a vote


Go knock on the door of the elderly widow that doesn’t get visitors to show her someone cares


Go knock on the door of somebody who has to care after a disabled daughter, or son,

and tell them that you’ll lend them an ear


Go knock on the door of the new student to check in, and make sure they are settling in ok at University


Let’s unite our community around us one conversation at a time


Let us not just campaign for our Party, 


but apply Conservative values by helping all in society live a life they love


There is nothing stopping any of us from defeating loneliness


You can do this today


And maybe, just maybe, we will win over many more hearts and minds in the process


Truly delivering a United Kingdom for all, and a Country that works for everyone


**** END ****

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