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4 Essential Tips For Creating An Exemplary Customer Experience

We live in a modern era – a very, very digitally driven one. The new technical changes occurring have an entrepreneurial feel to them in that we are all pioneers in digital transformation, and none of us really know how it will all turn out. Likewise we do not know the pitfalls of this new business experience yet; but no matter what we must stick to the old rule: The customer must always come first...

So how do we go about creating an exemplary customer experience during these tumultuous times? Well we put together this handy little five point list aimed at helping you provide nothing but the best for your clients!

1. Focus On Each Stage In The Customer Cycle. Last year, I had the fortune of interviewing Brian Solis, the award-winning author, digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist, and he talks eloquently about the six stages of Digital Transformation, and why the customer should be the focus of each stage. His books which include X: The Experience Where Business Meets Design and What’s the Future of Business? are must reads for any leader. The key lesson is that by applying the expression 'the customer is always right' to each facet of the business, and remove silos, we can optimise the customer experience and create business value. This has to happen from the top of the business, so as a leader, be sure to place your customers concerns at the top of your agenda so that your teams do too.

2. Communication is key. Keeping all lines of communication open between business and clients is essential – especially in times of change and/or maintenance. Normally customer contact and feedback is important anyway, but when dealing with online change and digital transformation it becomes ever more vital. Clients need reassurance when they don't have regular access to your business, and complaints should be taken seriously even whilst transformation is at its hardest.

3. Go the extra mile... Meeting customer and client needs even when in the midst of turmoil will gain your customers trust for life. If you can supply demand even while the doors are technically closed then you and your brand will be remembered – recommended even. There is a great saying "Go The Extra Mile - It's Never Crowded." which couldn't be more true in business or in leadership because that is where loyalty is made and long-term value created.

4. Prioritise your customer response. There are very few things as annoying as being ignored. Today people are more impatient than ever, so when your staff or customers contact you, be sure to respond in a timely manner. Even an automated response to an email can be important to set the senders minds at rest, making it less frustrating for them whilst you await your real response. Even better, set-up the game to win by having a team ready to reply quickly to enquiries. Nowadays, it's pretty easy to set-up chat on your website or use tools such as ManyChat to automate conversations on social media too. What might seem like a basic detail, can have great rewards.

Perhaps ironically, whilst many people focus on the technology of digital transformation, the opportunity for the smart leader is to use it to improve relationships with real people. So go beyond the technology, keep the focus on the customer and embrace the opportunities. There will be some mistakes and a few failures, but hanging on to those treasured customers is all important.


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