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::: We are pleased to share an announcement for our brand Win That Pitch:::

Win That Pitch pioneers industry partnerships to become the first only full-service global pitch consultancy

London, May 16th – leading pitch consultancy Win That Pitch, today made a slew of strategic partnership announcements, to make them the first global full-service pitch consultancy.

With new strategic partnerships including access to highly respected business associates, training accreditations, design and research support, along with a unique artificial intelligence insights offering, it is poised to help agencies, brands and individuals present with confidence, enabling them to Win That Pitch.

The new full-service offering now includes:

  • Access to senior associates who are all leaders in their fields across the business, charity, consumer lifestyle, government and agency sectors

  • 24/7 design support ranging from proposal and pitch design to infographics and pitch theatre materials

  • Strategic partnership with a leading psychology and artificial intelligence provider to enable agencies to utilise AI for research and analysis during the pitch process

  • Partnership with independent research specialist ICG, who can identify research experts from their membership of 400+ specialists to support pitch insights

  • Continuing Professional Development Standards Office (CPDSO) accreditation for pitch and presentation workshops and online pitch masterclass course

Founder & CEO of Win That Pitch, Dean Russell shares:

“Pitches are pivotal to growth for most agencies, businesses and non-profits and so with these partnerships, Win That Pitch is achieving our vision of becoming a one-stop-shop to cater for all aspects of presenting and pitching.

“Despite the importance of pitching to business growth, it can often be the most stressful part of the job for many employees – especially junior and mid-level team members. Not everyone enjoys presenting and for many organisations pitches can vary wildly depending on the experience of the team. That’s why Win That Pitch provides best practice support, training and services to ensure everyone can deliver their best pitch and avoid common mistakes and pressures.

“Being able to present with confidence and pitch effectively, is both a science and an art, so Win That Pitch has developed a full range of services to reflect the practical realities of pitching in the real world. We go beyond just sales to help businesses grow their income, and help individuals grow in their careers. We cover every aspect of the pitch process from reviewing briefs, writing proposals, presenting pitches through to helping run pitch processes.

“Our services are purposely designed to help a wide range of organisations; from helping established brands freshen their approach to assisting agencies in taking their pitches to the next level and win bigger clients through to start-ups aiming to win investment and non-profits successfully pitch for grants.

“With access to senior industry specialists, researchers, design support services and even artificial intelligence for pitching, we can now say that we are the only global full-service exclusive presentation and pitching agency.